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Casey & Amy,

Excited to send you this first look at your invitations! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below ♥

Invitation 1

I wanted to play around with a tan on tan look in concept one, bringing in the scalloped elements from the Save the Date to tie it together. I’m using a more elevated script than we did on the playful Save the Date, but that can also be replaced with artwork from a calligrapher if you want it to be more custom!


Invitation 2

On the second option, I brought in large white palms on the envelope and kept the card white with an atypical layout that still feels formal.

Download Invitation 2

Wedding Weekend Insert

I’ve also complied all the wording for the weekend insert & have a few questions on that. You may answer below in the comment section or navigate to this Google Spreadsheet link to review your insert card information.

8 thoughts on “Tamkin Invitation 5.4.24 (Test)

  1. Questions for the Wedding Weekend Insert:
    • Do you have a quantity for the Wednesday night insert?
    • Are all guests invited to the Rehearsal Dinner? If not, what is the count for that?
    • For the reply card, we discussed an entree selection — could you send me those options? (beef, fish, chicken, etc.)

    1. All guests will be invited to the rehearsal dinner on Friday night! And for the reply card – we no longer need a selection. We’re going to be doing stations now 🙂

      For Wednesday inserts, I’ll count them up and let you know, but a rough estimate would be 20-30. Also, it’s spelled Casa Teresa. I’ll get back to you on exact time for this too.

      Some notes on the timeline insert:
      • Thursday, May 2
      o Can we call it Welcome Tacos & Tequila?
      o (Love caballero casual – so cute :))
      • Friday, May 3
      o Pool Party: We’re not serving ceviche anymore lol so let’s change that. We are serving lunch though if there’s a cute way to say that we’re open to it; there will be a DJ too; Also, the pool is called the Acapulco Pool if it’s helpful (the adult pool)
      o Rehearsal Dinner: Can we incorporate Shabbat into this? Also would love to incorporate Fiesta into this too if we can. The full name of the restaurant is La Rústica Mita; Also we’re only providing transportation from Susurros. Instead of Fiesta brights for attire can we just say Fiesta Attire?
      • Saturday, May 4
      o We changed the ceremony start time to 6 PM, which means cocktails will shift to 6:30 and dinner and dancing at 7:30. After party will still start at 11 PM 🙂
      • Sunday, May 5
      o Brunch is now 9 AM – 11 AM and will be at Casamilpa at Susurros
      Thank you again and please let me know if you need anything else!


  2. These are INCREDIBLE! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you so so much.

    For initial feedback, I love the envelope & laser cut sleeve from option two. But I love the tan invitation with the white foil – it’s insane. Maybe we can do option two laser cut sleeve in white with the tan invite and the palm tree envelope from option two? Also, is there a spot we can add Chase’s parents on the invite maybe below him like “son of”?

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you love these! I’m so excited because they truly are so different from anything I’ve done and I think they will really get your guests excited!

      I will make these changes and get going on the estimate for these.
      For the sleeve, I need to do a reality check with the laser cutting folks, laser cuting white can leave a smoke ring that’s more noticeable (where the paper is actually burnt a bit from the laser). I will see if they have any recommendations to accomplish that look because the white sleeve would be really pretty.

      Few questions:
      • Could you send me Chase’s dad’s middle name: Mr. and Mrs. Derek _____ Borisoff
      • Has your mailing count stayed the same from the save the date?
      Looks like we mailed exactly 100! I would recommend printing 10-15 extras for any returns, last minute additions, and keepsakes/photographer samples.

      1. Hey Alyssa,

        Derek’s middle name is Cameron. Our mailing count has probably gone up by about 5 or so so we’ll need probably 115 to be safe!

        And sounds good re: the sleeve! We can keep it tan to match or I can think if it makes sense to do another color!


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