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Round 1

Round 2

For the RD and getting ready, I added a more masculine monogram.

For getting ready cups, I did a treatment that combines the script & block so the cups complement both hers & his napkins.

Also updated the all script monogram and the monogram on wedding cups for some masculine balance.

6 thoughts on “Weemes Burke Cups and Napkins

  1. For the wedding stuff everything looks great! I don’t love the T in the CBT monogram. Would the T from the wedding invitation “Tyler” be better? Maybe I can try to create something different

  2. From Stacy: *I was wondering about the RD napkins…. I might like a little more masculine monogram. Is that hard to change?

    *On the “CBT” monogram, can you have the B bigger in the middle and the C, T more centered on the side and a little smaller? And maybe a different script type… What do you think, Caitlin?

    *With the reception cups, they are beautiful! But both so feminine. Maybe have the monogram one be a little more simple.. for guys? Or do ya’ll think it’s ok to leave?

    *For Ty’s Getting Ready “his” napkins can we do the more masculine monogram?

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