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4 thoughts on “Weemes Burke Rehearsal Dinner

  1. I like option 1 for the menu cards. It’s so different with that wax seal! Wish we could get the name on the card so we wouldn’t have to have it on the table but I guess it’s too hard w/ it being smaller in size? Is there some way we could put the name upright and not a folded card?

    As for the escort cards and table, I’m open to suggestions on color of hydrangeas/card. I like the thought of the light blue flowers and a white card?

    1. I am asking about the actual dimensions of the plate — I will try to rework it so we can add the name to the menu! And I can change the color on the escort card! Will be so pretty!

  2. I was able to enlarge the menu to 6.5″ based on dimensions of the salad plate & fit the name! I also streamlined the type styles so the names stand out in the script. I think we landed on blue hydrangeas with green cards for the escort cards. Let me know what you think!

  3. Love this update! I like the name on the menu card! Glad you could fit that on!

    Could the Signature Cocktail sign have a drawing of a cocktail or something on it to make it more fun? It’s so pretty and elegant but a little too plain to me.

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