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Showing 3 options for the monogram, hopefully seeing them larger is helpful! Option 2 is used in the updated layout — the separation helps identify the letters but still has a more custom look than Option 3.

4 thoughts on “Brown Save the Date

  1. Oh my gosh I am so obsessed. I love the green!! Overall we both liked the oval so would like to proceed with working on concept 2!

    -Only comments are I’m so torn on the monograms, I love the look of our initials stacked but would like to use the crest on house items after the wedding to keep the design going.

    Could we see the monogram detail from concept 1 inside the crest on concept 2?

  2. Ahh it looks so good! Last thing, Spencer is a bit concerned on differentiating the B&S depending where else we use the crest. Would we be able to either shift the S down or shift over so they are still interlocking but not aligned together?

  3. Also, I defer to you as I have not done save the dates before so not sure if they need to match exactly or if that matters more for the invitation suites but where the purple outline is our palette will be a bit more burgundy. I can send a swatch via email! Thanks!!

    1. Definitely! A swatch would be helpful. We will want the colors to match from save the date to invitation as much as possible!
      I can show you the letters larger and see if I can add some separation while still keeping them interlocked.

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