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Benoist Save the Date 1

Benoist Save the Date 2

Benoist Save the Date 2B

5 thoughts on “Benoist Save the Dates

  1. OH MY GOSH! I LOVE THIS!!! Leaning toward the overall look of Save the Date 2.

    Re: Outer Envelope – I like the white on the green. Do you think the gold text on the green envelope would look good?
    Re: Outer Envelope Return – I love the front addressing fonts. Can we look at making the return street address in cursive? Keep the city, state, and zip code in the print font. This would be similar to the SD1 layout.
    Re: Envelope Liner – I love this! Is it something that we could tweak a couple of colors? Thinking about adding in more of the pink/berry-colored floral.
    Re: Calligraphy – Tara did it again! I love the calligraphy for the SD2. My only tweak would be the “t” in my last name. I love the extra flourishes, but may want to make the left top flourish of the “t” more similar to the “B”.
    Re: Name placement – I prefer the straight alignment in SD2. Is there any way to pull the “O” to the left allowing the flourish to fall off similar to the right side of the invite? Maybe even the “C”.

  2. Looks so great! Agree with all of Caroline’s comments. Love the calligraphy, I prefer names to run off on both sides or not at all. Love the black background of liner but would prefer more color in flowers…no blue green/gray.

    1. Thank you both for your feedback! Yes to all of this! I am working on tweaking to show you a new version. Sadly, we can’t print in gold on the dark green envelopes, but if we continue this look for the invitation, we can do gold calligraphy or engrave/foil on the dark green— would be stunning & so sultry!

      CB — for the return address, do you want it all calligraphy or just the first part like shown in Option 1?

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